Fogo Island Inn Artwork

Fogo Island Inn Artwork

Fogo Island Inn is a place like few others on Earth. A unique futuristic structure, this hotel is undoubtedly the crown jewel of Fogo Island and the reason why the majority of outsiders visit this place. Its secluded location coupled with the architecture of the object make every visit an experience of its own.

Artwork of the inn

Unsurprisingly, because of the popularity of the inn and its one-of-a-kind design, the place has spawned numerous artwork meant to share the beauty with those who aren’t able to visit the place themselves.
The inn has an art gallery of its own on the ground floor, where visitors can both enjoy and purchase art pertaining to the island as well as some not-so-related pieces.

Those looking to enjoy the island from other parts of Canada and the world can purchase paintings and high resolution photographs of this amazing place, either from nearby souvenir shops or by ordering online. This way, you can enjoy the Island Inn without having to pay travel and lodging fees, which can sometimes be a tad high considering the exclusivity of the place, read more!

Visiting the island

Of course, while artwork of the inn is certainly stunning, nothing can quite replace visiting the real thing and spending a night or few in one of its rooms. The view of the pristine and secluded coast that the rooms provide is enough of an incentive for many to set aside their hard-earned money to travel to the inn.

Coupled with the fact that the inn is a five-star accommodation and has consistently been rated at the very top of establishments not just in Newfoundland but in all of Canada, the reason why the place is a first choice of many becomes crystal clear.

Quite a few reviews of the place speak of the setting having an out-of-this-world vibe, making visitors feel as if they are on a different planet. This is achieved through an ingenious combination of cutting-edge architecture in a place that might otherwise be unremarkable to most due to how lonesome it feels. Placing a livid structure like no other at such a location was not just a business move, but also an artistic one, as it created a sight that one isn’t likely to forget.view latest news from

Even those who aren’t looking to stay in the hotel come to the location just to marvel at the sight and how the building contrasts its surroundings, taking pictures for their private collection.

Fogo Island Inn Artwork

If you ever find yourself in Newfoundland or a nearby area, try to do your best to at least pay a visit to the Fogo Island Inn if you are unwilling or unable to stay at the hotel. While the location is certainly off the beaten path and will make you take a detour, very few visitors to this rock end up regretting their trip. You might even find the place mesmerizing enough to turn a quick stop into a full-fledged vacation where you and your family or friends share some unforgettable moments.

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