Newfoundland Dog Art

Newfoundland Dog Art

Newfoundland is a breed of dog renowned for its loyalty, intelligence and strong build. Originating from a Canadian province of the same name, Newfoundland and Labrador, these dogs are used in many different roles that require a reliable breed, from fishing aides to rescue dogs. Their popularity is such that Newfoundland art is highly sought-after, and many people often wonder where they can get the most authentic art pieces with the beloved image of these dogs.

Ordering your Newfoundland art from Etsy

Etsy, the well-known online art store, has some of the most amazing and varied pieces of Newfoundland art currently available. One can truly find remarkable items carrying their canine image here: mugs, key chains, bags and memorial stones are all readily available for purchase, paying homage to this great breed.

Of course, the site also has no shortage of plain old artwork, including photographs, oil paintings and sketches depicting Newfoundland dogs in a variety of situation and poses. Every lover of this breed is going to find something to their liking that they can order and have delivered to their doorstep with minimal hassle.

The prices can sometimes be steep, with some items being priced at several hundred dollars, but they are always well worth the expense. For those with a lesser budgets, authentic Newfoundland artwork is available for less than 20 USD, giving you the chance to decorate your home with minimal spending.

Other places with this type of art

If you don’t like ordering online or prefer buying from a physical store, you can always visit one of the many stores with Newfoundland art across Canada. Of course, you will have the most luck within the province itself, but you will quickly find out that this dog is revered throughout the country. Gift and souvenir shops, art galleries and similar establishments will more often than not feature a plethora of Newfoundland-related stuff.view more arts from

What’s more is that you can commission an artist to create a unique piece of Newfoundland artwork designed specifically to your liking. This will allow you to conceive the perfect Newfoundland piece of art, regardless of whether the dog on your picture belongs to you or is simply a generic model. Yes, the artist can even draw a portrait of your own Newfoundland dog so that you can properly show how much you value your trustworthy companion. Custom artwork can sometimes have a steep price, so make sure to talk to the artist regarding their fee before ordering anything.

Newfoundland Dog Art

With the popularity this dog enjoys throughout the world, not just Canada, it’s no surprise that artwork is available in many forms and on virtually every corner. No matter if you are ordering from Etsy or eBay, buying from a gift shop or an art gallery, or having an artist do a custom piece, you will have an easy time letting the world know of your love for Newfoundland canines. For best effect, try pasting a Newfoundland sticker at the back of your car – this will definitely peg you as a lover of the breed!see more here!

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