The Best Newfoundland Art Galleries

Newfoundland Art Galleries

Newfoundland is a place rich with culture and tradition, and one that is known for its many talented artists creating a variety of artwork. There are quite a few art galleries to choose from for loves of a good painting or a beautiful drawing.

Some of the galleries

The Newfoundland Shop is a premier

Newfoundland online art gallery featuring the work of dozens of artists. From humorous to visually moving artwork, the pieces one can find on the site are among the top Newfoundland art money can buy. Their canvas paintings are especially popular, and aren’t priced too highly considering the uniqueness and visual extravagance that many of them carry.

Newfoundland’s capital, St. John’s, has no shortage of both non-profit and commercial art galleries available throughout the city:checkout this website!

The Rooms is both an art gallery and a museum of various Newfoundland art and memorabilia. While many of their exhibits aren’t available for sale, some of the oil paintings can be bought, adding a dash of authentic art to anyone’s home. The gallery is known for its frequent thematic exhibits where many artists proudly put their passionate work up for display.

Ideal for those looking to admire art over buying it, the Eastern Edge is a prominent art gallery whose focus is primarily contemporary art dealing with many topics of the 21st century.

For over a decade, the Leyton Gallery of Fine Art has been featuring the work of both renowned and up-and-coming Canadian artists. This is a serious art gallery that offers interested visitors a rent-to-own type of program, unlimited shipping options included. Those looking to merely enjoy the art can do so in a comfortable and relaxing lounge environment.

The Peter Lewis Gallery exhibits the art made by the famous teacher and runner, ranging from oil to charcoal works of various breathtaking places, not just the province of Newfoundland.

Gerry Squires’ Gallery is another art gallery focusing primarily on the works of a single notable artist, this time not only paintings but also sculptures. Also, this gallery features artwork done by several rising Canadian artists aside from art belonging to the eponymous star.visit the website:

Another art gallery showcasing the work of a single artist, Ultramarine Fine Art Studio is a place where one can admire the unique and colorful oil paintings created by contemporary artist June Walker-Wilson.

Picking the galleries you’d like to visit most

Newfoundland Art Galleries

These are just some of the many renowned art galleries of Newfoundland and its capital, St. John’s. Because many of these places have specific time of day during which they open their doors to the public, you might not have the option to visit each and every one of them if you are just passing by. Therefore, educate yourself on the styles of the various artists and, if needed, pick a few galleries that reach out to you the most.

With a little bit of luck, you might get the opportunity to bring one of the unique paintings or sculptures home, letting you remember Newfoundland’s eclectic art for a long time to come.

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